Onboard a customer in five seconds.

Verify the identify of anyone, anywhere, by letting them tap their passport or ID to their phone — Touchless and instant.

Remote onboarding using NFC and a passport or ID

Smooth and secure.

An instant and effortless user experience without manual processing. Scan a passport or ID using the camera and then tap it to read the biometric chip. It takes seconds.

The information on the biometric chip is digitally signed by the issuing country, assuring it’s authenticity, and is protected against modification and cloning.

Try it out for yourself, or compare with traditional solutions.

The second factor.

Add another layer of security by capturing a selfie. Realtime liveness and face verification against the embedded high resolution portrait makes a powerful second factor.

Face verification and liveness detection

Beautifully integrated

Add our iOS and Android SDK to your own application and accept passports and ID’s in minutes without your users leaving your app. It takes just a few lines of code.

import Iris var iris: Iris = Iris(token: token) iris.start( successHandler: { (response) in // success, print the response data print(response) }, errorHandler: { // an error occurred } )

Don’t have an app of your own? Integrate Iris ID for web applications instead — get going with our developer guide.

Performant and compliant.

Maximize conversion and minimize customer friction while also meeting stringent AML and KYC compliance requirements.

Strict data processor role compliant with GDPR and the CCPA.

Personal data is always encrypted in transit and never stored.

Processed in data centers in Frankfurt, Germany.

Onboard the world.

Identify more than 1,000,000,000 natural persons across the globe with airport-grade security. Scale your business into new markets with ease.

Get started in minutes, build and test for free.

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